Which Group Showed How Motown Reacted To The Crossover Success Of Sly And The Family Stone?

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bayside radio colwyn bay : The Jackson 5 (also spelled The Jackson Five or The Jackson 5i

The Jackson 5 (stylized as the Jackson 5ive), later known as the Jacksons, were an American pop band composed of members of the Jackson family.The group was founded in 1965 in Gary, Indiana, by brothers Jackie, Tito, and Jermaine, with younger brothers Marlon and Michael joining soon after. They were among the first black american performers to attain a crossover following, preceded by Frankie …

The addition of Dennis Edwards to the Temptations coincided with the adoption of a new sound for the group by producer Norman Whitfield, and in the fall of 1968, Whitfield began producing psychedelic-based material for the Temptations, derived primarily from the sound of funk bands Sly & the Family Stone and Funkadelic.

Which group showed how motown reacted to the crossover success of sly and the family stone? – 4489561 1. Log in. Join now. 1. Log in. Join now. College. History. 5 points genny1312 Asked 07.28.2017. Which group showed how motown reacted to the crossover success of sly and the family stone? See answers (1) Ask for details ; Follow Report What do …

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Cynthia Robinson on Meeting Sly Stone and Joining The Family StoneAfrican-American music is the umbrella phrase covering up your diverse wide variety from movies and also audio genres basically developed by just African Us residents.. His or her’s start tend to be in musical technology forms that will came into being out connected with all the famous circumstance regarding slavery that will recognized any lifetime about Camera People today in america past to …